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All driving courses available to Ferrari clients

The Corso Pilota Ferrari, exclusively for Prancing Horse customers, provides the chance to hone your driving skills to feel increasingly at one with your car.

Structured on a number of levels, the course offers a range of progressively more challenging and rewarding content. The Course Instructors will accompany you in this adventure, offering all their experience and sharing the “tricks of the trade”.

You will steadily improve your driving awareness and develop your technical expertise. There are five courses.

The Corso Pilota Sport is a first step towards a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques.

The Corso Pilota Avanzato represents the next stage when you start to push the cars right to the limit and achieve full mastery of the vehicle.

The Corso Pilota Evoluzione is purely sporting and aims to teach all the technical excellence you need to excel on track.

Finally, the Corso Pilota Challenge is the highest level for people who want to drive a real racing car and also prepare to compete in a race, perhaps even in the Ferrari Challenge.

The Corso Pilota Ferrari On Ice, on the other hand allows you to experience the fun of driving on snow and ice, with full mastery of the necessary technique, in prestigious alpine settings.

Sport Driving Course

Sport Driving Course

In the driving seat: the first step Discover More
Advanced Course

Advanced Course

Further instruction on high-speed driving Discover More
Evolution Course

Evolution Course

Technical excellence and on-track thrills Discover More
Challenge Course

Challenge Course

The highest expression of driving Discover More

Pilota on Ice

The concept of the programme is to provide clients with the unique experience of driving a Ferrari GTC4LUSSO on snow in one of the most exclusive and prestigious settings of the Alps: Livigno.

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